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Join Positive FM as we do Positive Acts Of Kindness throughout New England!

SHOW God's love to someone in an unexpected way, and leave them a Pack'd card. 

Then CALL us and let us know what you did.  If you were Pack'd, CALL us and tell us what happened.

Pick up Pack'd cards at :

The Chicken Connection - Haverhill, MA

Cartridge World - Plaistow, NH

Uno's Pizzaria and Grill - The Maine Mall - South Portland, ME

The Village Inn - Auburn, ME

Shed Happens - Portland, ME

Or let us know you need them, and we'll get them in the mail to you!  Or stop by our table at any of our events.

Here's some ideas to get you started:

- Pay for the meal / drink / coffee for the person behind you in line in the drive thru.  Hand the PAcK'd card to the attendant to give to the person.

- Pay for the toll for the car behind you at the booth and have the attendant give them a PAcK'd card.

- Help pay for the gasoline for someone at the gas station.

- Help someone with their groceries or return the cart for them.

- Make a meal / dessert for someone, deliver it, and include a PAcK'd card.

- Mow a neighbors yard for them.  Or take their trash out to the curb.

- Wash a neighbors car, while they're away.  Put the Pack'd card under the windsheild wiper.

- Send someone flowers and include a PAcK'd card.

- Pass out bottles of water to road construction crews.  Don't forget the Pack'd card.

- Drop off treats with a Pack'd card, at a nursing home.

- Leave a gift for your mail carrier and include a PAcK'd card.

- Leave an extra tip for your waiter / waitress and leave a PAcK'd card.

- Let someone get in line ahead of you.

- Give up that parking space, even though you were the first one there.

- Buy an inspirational book and send it to a friend and include a PAcK'd card.

- Pay for someone's meal at a restaurant, and have the waiter/waitress take over a PAcK'd card.

- Leave a gift or an encouraging note for your pastor and include a PAcK'd card.

- Unload the dishwasher and leave a PAcK'd card behind.

- Send a gift for your child's teacher and include a PAcK'd card.

And remember.........

Call us and tell us what you did.  Big or small!  If you were Pack'd, call and share the story too!


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