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Get your Pack'd cards and suprise someone with a Positive Act Of Kindness.  When you do, leave them a Pack'd card so they know what's going on.  Then call us and share the story.  800-434-3448.   If you get Pack'd, call us and share the story too!   All the stories are encouraging for others.

Pick up Pack'd cards at :

Atlantic Federal Credit Union           Freeport, Brunswick, Topsham and Cumberland

Casco Bay Homecare                      Yarmouth

The Total Look Salon                      Kennebunk

The Village Inn                              Auburn

Divine Oasis                                  Auburn

Shed Happens                               Portland

Uno - Maine Mall                            South Portland

Uno - Haverhill                              Haverhill, MA.

Rockingham Church                       Plaistow, NH.

St. Matt's United Methodist Church  Sandown, NH.

Rock Church                                 Amesbury, NH.

Here's some ideas to get you started........

- Pay for the meal / drink / coffee for the person behind you in line in the drive thru.  Hand the PAcK'd card to the attendant to give to the person.

- Pay for the toll for the car behind you at the booth and have the attendant give them a PAcK'd card.

- Help pay for the gasoline for someone at the gas station.

- Help someone with their groceries or return the cart for them.

- Make a meal / dessert for someone, deliver it, and include a PAcK'd card.

- Mow a neighbors yard for them.  Or take their trash out to the curb.

- Wash a neighbors car, while they're away.  Put the Pack'd card under the windsheild wiper.

- Send someone flowers and include a PAcK'd card.

- Drop off treats at a nursing home.

- Put some change in someones parking meter and leave a PAcK'd card on their windshield.

- Leave a gift for your mail carrier and include a PAcK'd card.

- Leave an extra tip for your waiter / waitress and leave a PAcK'd card.

- Let someone get in line ahead of you.

- Give up that parking space, even though you were the first one there.

- Clean the kitchen, or another room in the house, and leave a PAcK'd card.

- Buy an inspirational book and send it to a friend and include a PAcK'd card.

- Pay for someone's meal at a restaurant, and have the waiter/waitress take over a PAcK'd card.

- Leave a gift or an encouraging note for your pastor and include a PAcK'd card.

- Unload the dishwasher and leave a PAcK'd card behind.

- Send a gift for your child's teacher and include a PAcK'd card.

Call us and tell us what you did.   If you were Pack'd, call and share the story too!


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