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Year End Review

Before people can ask the Lord for help, they must believe in him;
and before they can believe in him, they must hear about him;
and for them to hear about the Lord, someone must tell them"  - Romans 10:14


- Skate for the LIght Night on ICE - listners come out for a FUN time to ice skate to Positive 89.3 tunes.

- Registration for Summer Mission Trip - Listeners began to register for an opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Mozambique, Africa to help in the lives of the local children there.


- Forget Me Not Valentine Cards - Listeners provided Positive 89.3 with approximately 3,000 handmade Valentine Cards customized for regional senior citizens. The cards were delievered the cards to assisted living facilities, nursing homes and care centers around the region - sharing the love of Christ with each card.  


- Pledge Drive - so many reaching out to offer support to this listener supported ministry.  What an outpouring of support and caring for the people of New England, wanting to share the love of Christ through this ministry!



- Summer of Love - brought about many instances of PACK'D cards being shared to help others.  Remember the mysterious lawn mowing, the family with lots of kids in a drive through who had their meal paid, the person who decided to offer a PACK'D card at the toll booth, but when getting there was actually PACK'D already by someone in front of him....  and so many more!


- Summer of Love - continues with more stories of neighbors and strangers helping one another in various situations.


- Ken Davis Event - An evening with Christian Comedian Den Davis where we all laughed and cried with his wonderful stories and andecdotes of life.

- Listener Mission Trip - Listeners joined ministry staff on a mission trip to the African nation of Mozambique.  In addition to leading Vacation Bible School for the children of Mission of Mercy/One Child Matters Child Development Centers, gardens and play grounds were developed to provide for the children.  Plus, many repairs were done to the school following a recent typhoon.  As a result of the trip and other activities, Bethesda Christian Broadcasting listeners sponsored 274 children through the ministry during the year! 

- 28 Hours of Mercy Event - Listeners were given the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children around through world through our sister ministry, Mission of Mercy/One Child Matters.  For 28 Hours the story was told of children from third world countries who were given medical and dental care, nutritous meals, education and taught the love of Christ - providing them with the opportunity to end their family's cycle of poverty.   

- Michael W. Smith in Concert - In Old Orchard Beach at the Pavillion with our friends at the Salvation Army

- Steven Curtis Chapman in Concert - another moving night of songs and stories at the Pavillion in OOB.


Christian Music Broadcasters Training - Ministry leadership also participates in the advancement of Christian radio through the Christian Music Broadcasters Association.  During this event, team leaders meet with artists, record label representatives and other broadcasters to further ministry opportunities by consoladating resources.  Additionally, we learn of new music artists who may be able to provide powerful new songs to the radio stations.  

OCTOBER - Long-Awaited Signal Upgrade Completion

- Autumn Pledge Drive -   While we heard from MANY during this time with their pledge of support, the final days of our Pledge Drive were inturrupted by a transmitter failure.  We were off the air for two-and-a-half days, taking numerous calls from listeners hoping it wasn't permanent.

- Long-awaited signal upgrade - Much prayer and dedication to this project finally came to fruition in mid-October, expanding the signal significantly.  We heard from many listeners who are now able to tune in from Augusta all the way down to Portsmouth, NH with the stronger signal.  More penetration from the strength of the signal now helps many hear Positve 89.3 inside homes and buildings where it was before less audible.

- Haverhill Repair - brings thousands back - Repairsto the equipment at our tower in Haverhill have many again listening at 99.9fm in Northern Mass.


- Pledge Drive 2.0 - Pledge Drive 2.0 was an outpouring of love and generous support from listeners new and not-new who pledged their support to help  this 'extention' of our October Pledge Drive where we missed out on the last few days.


- Gospel For Asia Critter Campaign - For the second year we are teaming with Gospel For Asia offering listeners the opportunity to impact desparate, needy families across the world through the Critter Campaign.  Last year, multiple families have been blessed with lambs for wool, chickens for breeding and providing eggs, water buffalos for milk, water filters, sewing machines - as a result of listeners' generous kindness.  Each item is delivered individually by a local (in Asia) Christian missionary family and or pastor. 

- Christmas Wish - Many people and families receiving gifts to help answer a "Christmas Wish" from someone who submitted their name.  Thinking of others at this time of year, in any time of year, is so heartwarming.  Thank you for your submissions... we read every single one.  It is SO very difficult, as we want to be able to fulfill them ALL!!




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