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Ministry Features

Below you will find the ministry features that air on Positive FM and the approximate time you can hear them.  To find out more about any of these ministry features, or if you have questions about a particular feature, click on their name.


Upwords - Max Lucado   M-F  6:20am, 1:20pm, 4:50pm

Insights - Chuck Swindoll     M-F  6:50am, 6:50pm

Everyday Life with Lisa and Renee from Proverbs 31    M-F  11:20am, 3:20pm

A Quick Word - Beth Moore M-F  7:20am, 5:20pm, 10:50pm

My Money Life - Crown Financial    M-F  12:20pm, 6:20pm

Answers In Genesis - Ken Hamm    M-F  8:50am, 2:20pm

Focus On The Family Minute   M-F  8:20am, 3:50pm

Lighten Up - Ken Davis    M-F   7:50am, 4:20pm, 8:50pm

Real Family Life - Dennis Rainey   M-F  10:20am, 5:50pm


Weekend Top 20 Countdown    Sat 8am - 10am,  Sun 12noon - 2pm

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