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Would you like to share YOUR story about how Positive FM has made an IMPACT on your life?  Tell us your story here.


After 25 years of alcohol addiction, I have been given the miracle of sobriety.  I found Positive FM and heard the song Strong Enough by Matthew West.  It spoke to me.  I was NOT strong enough alone, so I gave up and asked the Lord for help.  7 months later I am a regular listener and happier and closer to Jesus than ever!  Thank you Positive FM!

A while ago, a friend shared with me, the link to your radio station website. I listen online and have downloaded your smartphone app. It's a real blessing for me.  I love listening to the songs. They keep playing in my head all day long!  You are so right when you say, "the right song at the right time".  I've shared your link with some of my collegues an I can say that you have quite the audience, here in Costa Rica! Thank you for your ministry and keep up the great work!  - Marianna

I have been so touched by Positive FM.  Everyday I can find hope, encouragement, love and God!  Thank you for challenging me to live out my faith with Positive Acts Of Kindness.  You give us so many opportunites to share God's love.  Forget Me Nots, Christmas Wish, Positive Acts Of Kindness, the 28 Hours Of Mercy, missions trips and the list goes on.  God bless you Positive FM!  And thanks to those of us who give and support the station.  It's making a difference in my life!  Thank you.  - Carol

You bless my life every day. I listen to Positive FM all the time and Jesus really works through this station. You really lift me up every day.  I praise God that He can us the simple things in life, to minister to us.  My mom is opening up her heart to Jesus and has been asking me for a Bible. Praise Jesus! Only He can do that.  Love you Positive FM and love you Jesus!  - Julie

I'm from North Andover, Ma.  So much of the time, I feel as if I'm the only believer or listener in the area, but then I'll hear you read someones impact story on the air, or hear that someone in the area donated during Pledge Drive and I get so encouraged. I love hearing about how people around me, in my community, are wanting to reach New England for Jesus.  So, I wanted to share my own encouragement with them, to not stop fighting for Jesus, and when you think you are alone in your faith around here, you're not. There is an entire community of believers here.  Thank you Positive FM for everything you do to reach New England.   - Emily

Thank you for your station. And, thank you to all that support it and make it happen.  Positive FM has meant so much in my life and I don't know where I'd be without the music and encouragement all day, every day.  - Julia

I was Pack'd today!  As I was sitting in line in the drive thru, all I could think of was all of my trouble.  Financial and otherwise.  I was thinking how nice it would be, if something good happened.   When I got to the window, the attendant said I'd had my coffee paid for, and handed me a Pack'd card!   There really is hope out there.   Thank you for Pack'd.   It's given me hope!
- Rachel

I am a faithful listener in Haverhill and I'm SO HAPPY that the signal is nice and strong. I love having you on my radio! You are the ONLY station we listen to in the morning.  My children and I have breakfast together, listening to Positive FM and do our daily Bible reading, which is often paused to SING!  - Teresa

I'm addicted to this station! I'm a new listener. I've been struggling with my husband's illness and looking for renewed inspiration. God must have known I needed you. The morning prayer and daily scriptures get me up and going and keeps me reminded that He is all the strength that I need. Thank you for all the wonderful work you do!  - Pam

My morning started as a struggle.  My attitude was poor and I was feeling discouraged.  I decided to stop on my way into work, at Dunkin Donuts.  When I arrived at the window to pay, the car ahead of me had already purchased my breakfast and left one of your Pack'd cards!  I'm very grateful to that individual and their act of kindness.  It turned my attitude around and reminded me that we are all struggling, and one simple act of kindness, can make another persons day.  Thank you.  I vow to pass on, this positive act of kindness!  - Kim

I am writing to tell you that I so enjoy listening to Positive FM. You guys play a lot of good songs, I like and they truly minister to me! I listen a lot on Sunday mornings while getting ready for church. You play a lot of songs I love that are scriptural and minister to my heart. Sometimes, I sing and dance! Sometimes I cry because a song ministers to me, when I am going through something. Again, thank you for being the station you are. - Coleen

After a break-up with my boyfriend I reconciled with him in part due to the song "with every act of love, you bring the kingdom come" by Jason Gray - especially the verse about the wife forgiving the husband.
I am trying to be forgiving. Your prayers for us both to have guidance and faith would be much appreciated. - Bar



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